Sona Masuri Rice Is A Type Of Indian White Rice It Is A Medium-grain, Aromatic Rice That Is Lightweight And Low In Starch. Sona Masuri Rice Is Typically Used In Dishes Such As Sweet Pongal, Pulav, Idlis And Fried Rice. Knowing Its Nutrition Information Can Help You Determine How It Fits Into Your Meal Plan. Sona Masoori Rice Is Both Fat Free And Sodium Free.


Product Range




  •  IR-64 RICE


  •   IR-36 RICE


  •   IR-8 RICE


  •   PR-106 RICE


  •   PR-11 RICE






  •   100 BROKEN RICE







Type Parboiled
Damage Kernels 0.2% Max
Yellow Kernels 1% Max
Red and Red Streaked 1% Max
Broken Ratio 5% Max
Chalky Grain 1% Max
Moisture 13% Max
Free From Infestation, Fungus, Dyes and Colouring Chemicals
Milling Degree Well Milled and Single or Double Polished as per Needs.
Sorted 100%
Colour White
Origin India
Inspection Geochem / QSS