Dehydrated Red Onion Flakes/Kibbled

Dehydrated Red Onion are widely used in varied food preparations wherever Red Color along with onion taste & flavor, onion’s appearance & texture is desired.These Dehydrated Red Onion are highly acclaimed by our clients to enhance taste & flavors in varieties of cuisines.

like other dehydrated vegetable, Dehydrated Red Onion can be easily used in salads & other preparations. servings after re-dehydration Dehydrated Red Onion also used in soups, sauces, canned / dry / frozen food, salad dressings, meat products, other food products wherever onion flavor & taste is desired’. It’s Ideal for repacking to use in retail stores. Our Dehydrated Red Onion products are assured to be clean and free from skin, wet pieces and unwanted burnt particles, also free from impurities and foreign materials.

using fresh pink onions and modern methods as per food quality norms. These flakes are extensively used in toasts, pizzas and pickled products.



Size 8 To 15 Mesh
Origin India
Color White
Aroma Strong Aroma Represents
Packing 14 KG, Strong poly bag inside cartoon
Quality A-grade, Commercial Grade
Min Quantity Ordered as per customer requirement
Load-Ability In 40 Fit and 20 Fit Container 20 FCL 14-15 MT, 40FCL H/C 25-30 MT